Tuesday, 17 April 2007

6. Film marketing website

Fantastic 4. the rise of the silver surfer.

The film marketing website for the silver surfer is an iteractive website promoting their new film. It is different to a billboard advert or a television edvert in that it gives you the opputunity to browse the site and look at what you want to. As well as it coming out before any adverts for the film itself.

It allows you to see the film sypnosis, and watch a very enigmatic trailer on the film, leaving you wanting more.

The audience for the film and website is probably male teenagers and young adults, interested in comics, super heroes, action films and Jessica alba.

Institutions for the film are all at the bottom of the film, 2 recognisable institutions being MARVEL, the make of the comic that the film was created from. And 20th century fox, a huge film distributor.

The website has a very themed background and all the links are themed with metallic effects and sound effects as you click them, all adding to the effect and impact of this marketing website

Saturday, 14 April 2007

10. RICKY JERVAIS PODCAST. the nangest podcast around.

Ricky Gervais? he's a legend...

popular british comedian ricky Gervais known for his hit sitcom, the office and newer sitcom, extras, aswell as doing stand up comedy, also has a podcast, infact its the most popular podcast, along with his sidekicks; karl pilkington and stephen merchant.

Listeners interacted with the show by e-mail (podcast@rickygervais.com) and via Ricky Gervais' website. In series one, listeners were encouraged to contribute stories to the weekly 'Monkey News' feature. In season two, an autograph of Karl Pilkington was up for grabs if you could solve Karl's 'clues' for his 'Rockbusters' game. In series four, Ricky offered signed goodies if listeners could answer vague questions such as "Do you want 'em?". As a whole however, the interactivity between the audience and the show is high with comments on the podcast and questions and funny stories for Karl forming the basis of the majority of episodes.

The Ricky Gervais Show is also the first podcast series ever to be paid-for. The second and third series' - comprising 12 episodes in total - were published as 'Audio Books'. iTunes and Audible.com sold each download for 95p or an entire series for £3.95



9. a vlog. JERRY JACKSON animation vlog series.

Every so often a new jerry Jackson animation short is uploaded onto the popular comedy website; http://www.fat-pie.com/jerryjackson.htm on here you can access different kinds of comedy videos, jerry Jackson being one of the more popular.

Jerry Jackson – the races we have
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It targets teenagers and young adults as it humour is very dark and sometimes political and works around being politically incorrect.

The fat pie website is offering people with the talents such as animation and short film making the chance to have their work put up on the web for it to be seen by others. Jerry Jackson and other comedy series’ on their such as ‘devo’ have become quite well known among teenagers.

This is a good example of interactivity for teenagers and a chance to get active and inspired on doing similar sorts of things.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

4. radio 1


BBC radio1 is national radio by the bbc. Its website allows you to listen to;

Listen to its website through live streaming,
It tells you exactly what is on air now on the home page
(menu down the side)
Listen to podcasts from the show
Look at the different dj’s and shows
Check the schedule

It shows you the different kinds of music they play; daytime, dance, rock/indie, hip hop/RnB, experimental. You can click on any of these depending on the viewers tastes and interests. It then gives you lots of information on new artists and bands from these, and new songs. On a lot of these you can explore further by clicking links to more pages.

It also shows you the different events that are happening and allows you to find out all the details of these events by clicking on various links.

This website is very interactive; live streaming, webcam, podcasts, interactive tv, talk, news, messages etc

13. downloading music

Music downloadsgave become increasingly popular, downloads have become a large part of music that they are included in the music charts when deciding the positioning of songs.

why they are becoming increasingly popular

  • Audiences can get the music easily from the internet for free e.g. Limewire or at a cheap cost e.g. iTunes, the music transfers directly to your PC and can be played immediately and transferred onto your mp3.

  • You can download the music in the comfort of your home instead of going out to buy it or buying the CD on the internet and waiting for it to arrive. This therefore makes it convenient and flexible to audiences.

  • downloading a song can take as little time as a few seconds, going out to buy a cd can literally end up taking a whole day.


Downloading has become most popular with the young- teenagers and young adults as they have less money to spend on music and know how to actually download music.



‘There are currently 300 legal digital music websites, three times as many as existed a year ago. Digital music services have registered 2.2m subscribers around the world, which is up from 1.5m in January. The two most popular are iTunes, offering 1.5m tracks and Napster, which offers 1.2m.’ Jul 25, 2005 PASSAGE FROM BBC NEWS ARTICLE


Big record labels have seen their sales slide precipitously in the past several years, and have blamed the falling revenue in large part on rampant free music downloads online. Others have pointed to additional factors, such as lower household spending during the recession, and increased competition from other entertainment forms such as DVDs and video games, each of which have grown over the same time period.

Theory. Convenience, cheapness, quick.

14. hottt phenomenon- i-phone

The i-phone is a multimedia/Internet-enabled phone announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during the keynote address at the Macworld Conference & Expo on January 9, 2007.The iPhone's functions include those of a

  • a multimedia player

  • mobile telephone

  • Internet services like e-mail

  • text messaging

  • web browsing

  • wireless connectivity

  • and a camera phone

iPhone input is accomplished via touchscreen with virtual keyboard and buttons. The iPhone is a quad-band GSM phone, though Jobs mentioned in his keynote that Apple has a "plan to make 3G phones" in the future. Apple has filed over 200 patents related to the technology behind the iPhone.More features include a widescreen I-pod , Touch-screen Technology, Web Browsing & Internet Maps .The iPhone has a scheduled United States release date of June 2007. It will be available from the Apple Store and from Cingular Wireless, with a price of US$499 for the 4 GB model and US$599 for the 8 GB model, based on a two-year service contract. Apple has also announced plans to make the iPhone available in Europe and Japan at a later dateThis product is a brand new phenomenon that is tipped to rival even the highest selling of MP3 Players & particularly high selling mobile phones. In the case of the highest selling MP3 player being the i-Pod, Apple as a company won’t be in any disadvantage as their own product will be displacing the other.